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Energy Audit Conditional Grant

  • Energy Audit Conditional Grant is an energy efficiency programme under the 12th Malaysia plan (RMK-12) for the implementation year of 2021-2025.

  • This programme is supported by grants which were allocated for the year 2021 until 2025 to commercial and industrial sectors to collaborate with local Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) registered with the Energy Commission (ST) to conduct energy audits in their buildings.

  • ​The grant would be issued from the Government to industrial and commercial building/installation owners who meet the eligibility requirements, as well as agree to the terms and conditions.

  • Grant disbursement will be on a first-come-first-serve basis based on the application approval.

Objectives of The Grant


Provide financial assistance to encourage implementation of energy saving procedures amongst commercial and industrial buildings


Provide better assistance and facilitation to implement energy saving measures in a more systematic manner

A staff checking solar panels

Foster stronger awareness about energy management in Malaysia to help building owners save energy and reduce operational cost


Promote energy audit exercise which identifies energy consumption patterns and potential energy savings, as well as help set up energy consumption baselines for buildings


Develop energy management capacity within commercial and industrial sectors

Amount of Grant Which Can Be Applied


Up to RM 100,000


Up to RM 60,000


Building or

Installation Owner



Executing Ministry | Coordinator

Implementing Agency

ESCO (Energy service company

MUST be registered with ST)

Benefits  For Applicants

  • Free energy management & energy audit training 

  • SEDA Malaysia provides guidance and facilitation at no cost post-energy audit (during energy saving implementation period)

  • Potential link for no capex energy savings implementation offers by government agency. 

  • Free access to SEDA’s building energy data online system (BEDOS) for routine energy and carbon emissions monitoring 

  • Potential recognition under: 

    • Sustainable Energy Low Carbon Building Assessment GreenPASS 

    • Building Energy Index (BEI) Labelling (ST). 

    • National Energy Award (KeTSA). 

    • ASEAN Energy Award (ASEAN Centre for Energy).


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