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Digital Banking Hub

Together with our Swiss technology partner CREALOGIX, a listed-company and market leader in mobile-centric banking middleware, we provide a Digital Banking Hub which allows fast and smooth integration into all of a bank’s existing systems (core banking).

Choose Your Digital Banking Product

These are just some of our portfolio of ready-to-go product plugins

Wealth Management

  1. Online banking

  2. Brokerage advisory

  3. Financial planning 

  4. Relationship Manager Dashboard

  5. Hybrid Advisory

Retail Banking

  1. Robo advisory

  2. Personal Finance Management

  3. Financing and Cards

  4. Sales Generation 

  5. Remittance

Corporate/ SME Banking

  1. Business Finance Management

  2. Distributed e-signature 

  3. Multi-bank Aggregation




  • Multiple language support

  • Multiple character support (Unicode)

  • Right-to-left supported


  • Implementation from module menu card

  • additional modules can be added by phases


  • Admin tools

  • Content Management

  • Analytics


  • Separation of component & logic

  • Default JS libraries provided to build own application

Open Banking

Open Banking as a concept refers to financial services which are provided via Open API’s by third parties. Based on the attitude shift on data ownership, it has been adopted by the regulators around the world including the EU (directive PSD2) which came into force in 2018. In Malaysia, Bank Negara supports and encourages open APIs in the Malaysian financial industry.


With our Digital Banking Hub solution, our customers are ready to engage and embrace Open Banking safely and cost-effectively.

European banks that exploit Open Banking may generate up to 20% of lending revenue pool by 2020

- Accenture

Key Benefits of Using Crealogix

  • Open and scalable architecture (platform)

  • Standardised products with a modular structure (ready to use)

  • Highest security standards (EBICS, ISO 20222)

  • Modern user interface for optimal customer experience

  • Quick and easy market launch

  • 24/7 customer support

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