Transforming Corporate Malaysia's Energy Consumption

With the increase of power consumption as well as energy tariffs, the need for power management becomes increasingly important for the corporate world, in particular in industries that have a multi-site operational presence with high energy consumption processes.

As Malaysia is gunning towards becoming more energy efficient in the next 15 years, it is up to the corporations to also contribute by implementing energy efficient practices into their daily business.

We are independent.

We design and constantly evaluate new technology to ensure that we have the best, reliable and feasible solutions available for our customers.


Our current energy efficiency and energy saving technology portfolio includes: 


  • Lighting

  • Power Optimisation

  • Chiller Management

  • Heat recovery

  • Air conditioning

  • Heat Management

  • Solar Solutions

IoT sensors help collect data on energy consumption patterns within a building. For example, the temperature readings outside and inside a building can be synced with the user requirements. A dynamic adjustment of the chiller performance to the actual requirements generates substantial energy savings in particular in tropical climates such as Malaysia.

Smart IoT-powered Energy Savings

Our Experience

With over 1,000 installations nationwide over the last 23 years, we have creditable technical and project management experience.

Our Customers

How we proceed


Press Release 12 March 2018


Sedania secures 10-year contract to deploy & manage energy-saving technologies with an estimated cost saving of over RM50 million.

Matrix Energy

Sedania and Matrix Energy cooperate to deploy energy-saving technologies at over 100 branches of a major bank with a targeted energy savings of 25%

Are you interested in saving 20-35% of your Energy Bills?

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