At the centre of the Fourth Industrial Revolution are IoT devices. IoT devices are devices that are connected to the internet with the ability to transmit data for specific purposes.



Our advanced Bomba (Fire Department) safety link, named SPKA, is a cloud-based monitoring system which is fully integrated with the Fire Department (Bomba) for immediate response to alerts.

It replaces existing legacy Computerised Monitoring Systems (CMS). Our SPKA system is scalable, web centric, cloud based, proven and mandated by Bomba for designated buildings nationwide as of 2018. Over 5,000 buildings have already been implemented nationwide and are actively monitored in real time with our IoT detection and alert platform.  

Our SPKA system enables real-time monitoring and alerts without the need for human monitoring or intervention. For added safety, our control station also counter-verifies each alert and filters out false alarms to ensure only real alerts are sent immediately to both the building owner and the Fire Department.

Coupled with addressable fire safety devices, monitoring is to the level of individual devices, providing an unprecedented degree of fire safety awareness.  This feature will also significantly enhance firefighting operations as the origins of the fire can be clearly identified by the sensors activated by the fire. Building plans and other relevant data can also be incorporated into the information stream received by Bomba in the event of a fire.

Provides early fire detection


Detects false alarms

Speeds up response times, get emergency messages out quicker, and promote safer evacuations

Promotes compliance with safety legislation and related regulatory requirements

Is your Building Connected to Bomba? Find out with us.


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