Micro Hydropower

Micro Hydropower is ideal for Malaysia.

Many places in Malaysia that are receiving electricity generated by diesel generators which costs a lot of fuel. In the long run, this is not sustainable.


The effects also can be detrimental to the environment where the people are staying.


The government in recent years have been encouraging the use of renewable energy, in an effort to reduce the dependency on fossil fuels, and by extension reduce the carbon footprint of Malaysia

Better Than Solar Power?

Malaysia on average has only 4 hours of effective sunlight per day.


Our high day-time temperatures reduce the battery life which makes the ROI of the necessary energy storage very low. Solar requires regular and consistent maintenance to keep efficiency which is difficult to get, especially in remote areas.


Why do we consider Solar Farms and not Micro Hydropower?

Malaysia's natural power source is our river system. It allows distributed power where it's needed with out batteries. New advancements in vortex-based hydro turbines allow us today to harvest our rivers' energy 24h a day without any change to our environment.

Find out below how Sedania uses the newest vortex turbine technology to provide profitable energy alternatives to businesses and communities.

Making our rivers the natural energy grid for rural areas.

The Revolution for Hydropower

Sedania has partnered with Turbulent NV, a Belgium tech specialist for hydro turbines, to provide micro hydropower solutions for typical Malaysian rivers and canals (low head of 1.5-3m) and medium flow of 1.5-3m3/sec).

As opposed to regular pressure-based turbines, Sedania's turbine uses the gravity of water accelerated through a vortex.


This means no dam or any large civil work is required.

Environmentally Friendly

The turbines are so efficient that it does not require high pressure as traditional hydroelectric generators do. It only needs a low head and medium water flow of 2-3 cubic metres per second. It DOES NOT need a dam to be built for the turbines to function. As such it does not destroy the surrounding areas thus very ecologically friendly.


Only a small diversion is needed from the river to install the turbines which range in size from 15kWh to 100kWh. Even multiple turbines can be connected in a series to produce as much energy that is needed for the area.


It is also very ecologically safe, and environmentally friendly. It runs 24/7 and only requires small maintenance from time to time. It is fish-friendly, ecologically safe and has no impact on the river or surrounding environment.

Case Study

A 15 kWh micro hydropower turbine supplies reliable energy to the Green School of Bali, the world-famous international school located next to the Ayung River in Bali, Indonesia.


400 students and a local farm are enjoying the free energy.



Strategic Benefits

Easy and Fast Installation

  • The turbine is the smallest amount of energy it produces.

  • Pre-manufactured in Europe in accordance with 150 g001 standards

  • Minor civil installation work required.

No Environmental Impact

  • Small river channel diversion and turbine has no impact on the environment

  • No impact on river flow

  • Fish-friendly - Turbine does not harm or prevent travel of aquatic life (large blade distance and mesh)

Configure and Forget

  • Quality elements with an automatic cleaning system to ensure the least amount of maintenance

  • Rotor design ensures resistance to abrasion/fouling by water sediments

  • The control system allows for monitoring and collecting operating data.

Large lifetime for a Small Price

  • The industrial-grade design guarantees up to 30 years of continuous generation

  • Cost-effective design enables ROI of 2-6 years 

Interested in Micro Hydropower?


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