Public transit data is growing exponentially as transportation companies expand the use of automation to collect information that can improve transit service for both passengers and for operations.


The problem is that not all agencies are equipped and trained to analyse and use the data to improve performance.

Intelligent transit does not end at mobile ticketing



Bus, Train

& People Counter Gate

Passenger apps

•Arrival times

•Seat availability

Driver apps

•Route information

•Rider Count/Capacity

Fleet Management apps

•Route Management

•Location & Speed

•Rider Count/Capacity

•Fare revenue reconciliation

Data Collection




•Gateway apps



•MQTT publish

•Cellular, Satelite, WiFi



•Passenger Count

•Triggering alerts

IoT Integration


•Gateway and app management

•Data collection and storage








Data Converted into Efficiency

Our Intelligent Passenger Transit ecosystem consists of 5 primary service points:​

Front-end system

- Fare collection and payment validation (e.g. ticket vending machines)

Station systems

– commuter counting, validation, access, security and data collection  

Integrated central system

– cloud based data processing across multiple transit systems

Contactless smart card for commuter access

Commuter, driver and fleet management apps

Improved passenger


Our AFC systems ensures minimal or zero waiting time for passengers. Self-service ticketing and smart card access enables staff to validate passengers quickly or not at all.

Checks fraud – revenue assurance

Public transport providers incur financial losses due to fare or ticket evasions. Automated systems allow access to only those customers who have sufficient funds in their smart cards.

Integrated system to pay and use everywhere

With real-time cloud based data processing, our AFC systems can be used across different facilities, e.g., buses, trains and subways.

Moving to a cashless


Smart cards can be recharged using additional payment methods like net banking among many other methods

Integration with passenger information systems

Via apps, commuters can plan routes and schedules for optimum connectivity across multiple transit services. Ideal for “Smart Cities” and enhances commuter experience.

Data driven route/capacity optimisation

Integration with Fleet Management Systems for end-to-end optimisation and regulatory compliance

Dynamic fare pricing

Discounts, packaged deals and various other dynamic fare options can be easy implemented.  

Key performance metrics for transportation companies

Commuter per kilometre, cost per commuter, number of commuters per driver, etc.


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