Business Intelligence with Fleet Management

Utilizing data as actionable insights

PinPoinn Fleet Management is a business intelligence platform - PinPoinn provides comprehensive end-to- end integration across varying business and operations networks, and across varying industries and company structures. PinPoinn is highly customizable and developed for seamless integration.

New Avenues to Reduce Cost & Improve Efficiency

(but doesn’t everyone say that?)

Yes we’re sure you’ve heard it before. But fleet cost savings opportunities can be difficult to spot even with the best of fleet management systems. PinPoinn provides stakeholders with easy to interpret data visualizations, analysis and custom reports, transforming fleet information into actionable business intelligence in real time. With PinPoinn, companies can identify and quantify fleet-wide savings opportunities, and implement the proper management and structural initiatives to achieve them. PinPoinn also identifies savings opportunities in other operations both upstream and downstream from core fleet operations.

Business Intelligence to Drive the Bottom Line

PinPoinn’s strategic focus is to maximize your revenue instead of just minimizing fleet operations cost. We provide businesses with answers to the more fundamental question of “how should we spend our money” instead of just “where could we save money”. That’s really what sets PinPoinn apart from the rest.

A Business Intelligence Platform That Converts Fleet Management Data Into Tangible Economic Benefits


Data Visualisation

  • Drag & Drop any data parameter to create whichever custom report or graphical visual you require

  • Variety of interactive charts and heatmaps

  • Download, export or print all charts and reports

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Aulas Bônus - Ambientação Para Flyers - Já Liberadas

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Lives Aula - Outubro 2020

LIVE 01 - Motion Flyer - Animando Flyer - 07/10/2020 LIVE 02 - Photoshop - Montando Flyer Para Artistas - 14/10/202 LIVE 03 - Mercado - Estratégias de Vendas - 21/10/2020 LIVE 04 - EXTRA - Social Media - Montando Flyer Food Avançado - 22/10/2020 LIVE 05 - Photoshop - Montando Flyer Para Eventos - 28/10/2020

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LIVE 01 - Motion Flyer - Animando Flyer Avançado - 04/11/2020
LIVE 02 - Photoshop - Montando Flyer - Para Artistas Avançado - 11/11/2020
LIVE 03 - Usando o Trello - Organizando Seus Jobs para Aumentar Sua Produtividade - 18/11/2020 LIVE 04 - Photoshop - Montando Flyer Social Media - Datas Comemorativas - 25/11/2020

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