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Implementing Artificial Intelligence IoT Systems: Sedania an Early Mover in Logistics Optimization

The essence of IoT can be summarized in five parts: the connected “things” themselves, how they are connected, how data is collected, what you can learn from the data, and what you can do differently. Artificial Intelligence (AI) steps in to support IoT in the fourth and fifth parts of this

model, as shown in the figure below.

AI & IoT Broken into five key components; Source DHL

AI and logistics is the perfect union for businesses seeking a competitive edge – and a necessary

combination for companies hoping to compete in the future.

AI can deliver enormous benefits to supply chain and logistics operations, including cost reductions through reduced redundancies and risk mitigation, improved forecasting, faster deliveries through more optimized routes, improved customer service, and more.

Sedania through its partner Altair have recently rolled out its own AI based optimization software for logistics operations, named Norma. It uses a genetic algorithm combined with deep learning capabilities to solve a complex business case for distribution logistics operators including FMCGs, pharmaceuticals, wholesale distribution and other logistics operations with pre-set order management.

Norma comes with APIs that integrate with Order Management Systems, Supply Chain and ERP solutions. The end result of & asking Norma & is a minimization of costs per mile, maximization of tons per mile and significant cost savings on planning, putting into consideration mixed fleets and the overall capacity portfolio of the organization. It also adheres to customer deadlines, delivery timewindows and SLA / compliance.

Norma is offered as an innovative, high-impact, standalone on-demand optimization software. It can easily be combined with Fleet Management solutions including Sedania’s own PinPoinn system, and ERP systems to enable operators to achieve more beyond traditional expectations from technologies.

Norma is designed for customers of all sizes and different levels of sophistication. Even organizations with advanced software systems in place can utilize Norma to achieve more and to push the boundaries of their capabilities.


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