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Sedania Innovator Prioritises Sustainability (Podcast)

Sedania Innovator Berhad's CEO Daniel Ruppert was featured on BFM's Breakfast Grille segment where he shared about how Sedania prioritises sustainability through its Sustainable Energy and Sustainable Healthcare businesses.

Below are some of the questions covered during this podcast interview:

  • Tell us the story of how Sedania evolved and decided to focus on your core segments of Sustainable Energy and Sustainable Healthcare.

  • Why hasn’t the 2022 numbers for Sustainable Energy built on the momentum of 2021 after the reopening of the economy where the backlog of projects should be cleared?

  • How do you differentiate yourself? What do corporates like about your energy solutions?

  • Do you see margin compression taking place as more players come into the market and customers become more aware of the type of solutions in the market?

  • Since you joined Sedania in 2018, how did you build capabilities on a sustainable level to offer these solutions to the larger corporates?

  • Where are the connective tissues between all your company’s businesses? How does the Group as a whole organise themselves based on capital allocation for each business?

  • How much do you expect the digital banking solutions to contribute to the company’s top and bottomline? Do you expect the contribution of the fintech business to expand over time or will the sustainability businesses retain its 90% domination in terms of its topline share?

  • With so many opportunities, does this form a distraction that makes you lose focus as that has always been a core central problem with many perceptions about Sedania being broad in experience but might not have a core focus? How do you then decide on what to focus on with so many opportunities coming your way

Check out the podcast recording below for more questions and all Daniel's responses.


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