Airtime Sharing Platform

Stay connected!

Our Airtime Sharing Platform is a B2B2C software service for the mobile telecommunication industry which enables the instant transfer of Mobile Airtime Credit between mobile users.

Our business origins were rooted in Strategy - identifying needs and

implementing ingenuity in mapping out plans to see the solution in operation.

The demand for our Airtime Sharing Platform by the telecommunication

industry was recognised early back in 2004 and remained an important service

until today. The digital platform has helped over 20 million users, to share

mobile credit and stay connected.

We empower mobile operators

to keep users active.

A prepaid mobile card user who runs out of airtime credit becomes an inactive user. Inactive users reduce the telco’s ARPU (average revenue per user).  Malaysia has over 30 million prepaid mobile card users generating an estimated ARPU of RM 34 per month. This means that only 1% of inactive users is equivalent to a loss in revenue of over RM 10 million per month!

Keeping your prepaid mobile subscribers active is key.

We empower mobile operators to keep users active.

Sedania empowers the mobile operators to reduce the number of inactive users by providing instant methods to reactivate the inactive users. Sedania offers multiple methods to request and transfer airtime credit :

  • WEB - Desktop & Mobile web version where customers can sign-in in multiple devices to access the service.

  • SMS & UMB - Fast access to the service via SMS short-code or dial USSD code which compatible with all phone types both featured & smartphones.

  • Mobile Apps  - Smartphones friendly to access all service features in one click of a button which

  • IVR - Interactive voice response system where customer can call and follow step by step voice instructions to use the service. 

Our platform handles over 9.6 million airtime credit transfers per year via API from major mobile carriers Malaysia and Bangladesh.

Auto-Load Balancing for Celluar M2M Networks

With the rise of Iot, the requirement for device connectivity is increasingly important. Many systems rely on celluar networks to connect to the internet – such systems require data-enabled SIM cards. However, the data usage between the SIM cards within a network may vary substantially depending on the activity of each sensor/device.

Sedania offers a prepaid SIM card solution with automatic credit load balancing. Our system will transfer excess airtime credit from under-utlised SIM cards to over-utilised SIM cards which are about to run out of credit. The key benefit is a substantial reduction in overall data usage expenses.

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