The First IoT Smart Fire Alarm That Can Call For Help


Always Safe Always Protected

IoT Safety for Home & Business

Regular smoke alarms only give an audible alert in a case of fire which only people within the premise can hear. Today we can do more.


Calling Your Neighbours, then Bomba.

The asap Smart Fire Alarm is wireless connected to asap’s control system and able to contact multiple people in the proximity via Push Notification, SMS, Whatsapp and by phone call, as well as the nearest Bomba station.

Up to 3 levels of alert escalation: First alert the household owners, then neighbours and security guards, and after 120 seconds, Bomba also gets alerted.


Mobile App 

The free mobile app enables the User to register, monitor and engage with the Smart Fire Alarm.


Additional App Functions:

  • Register device & home address

  • Manage emergency contact persons

  • Disable the alarm

  • Panic button

  • Submit insurance claim


asap save lives.

For Homes

Easy self-install. 

Always know your loved ones are safe.

Universities & Schools

Each classroom and dorm is protected and monitored.

Hospitals & Hotels

Time is of essence - push Whatsapp message to all guests

Office & Shops

A fire at night time is immediately alerted to guards or fire station

Household Insurance

Each asap includes insurance for your furniture, household appliances and renovation up to RM25,000 per year. This insurance is specially created for asap by Etiqa.



  • Self-install | No wires | Battery operated

  • Wireless connection to the Internet

  • 24/7 Alarm Monitoring Service

  • Free Mobile App

  • Alert notifications via Push Notification, SMS, Whatsapp, Phone Call

  • API Integration to Building Management System

  • Daily device connection check & alert

  • Battery warning calls

Control Management System & Dashboard

Our cloud-based dashboard enables CMS operators in hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, universities, etc to monitor and manage all aspects of asap devices in the building, city or state.

  • Incoming fire alerts with integrated response workflow

  • Integrated contact management

  • Integrated communication channels for Whatsapp, SMS, Push Notification and IVR Phone Calls

  • Online/offline/low battery status overview

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