We Are Innovators

Sedania Innovator Berhad is a Malaysian public-listed tech company.


The Fourth Industrial Revolution is right at our door. Technology is shifting forward in ways that are unimaginable just 20 years ago. As devices get smarter and more connected than ever, user behaviour demands that companies evolve to adapt to these behavioural changes.


SEDANIA aims to empower our clients with the ability to adapt to this change. We aim to use innovative technologies, in order to Improve People's Lives.  



Function Follows Data.

Rather than a data-follows-functions approach, Sedania focuses on function follows data. From Fintech to Greentech - all our innovations are driven by behavioural data.


Our Innovation Portfolio is all driven by behavioural data :

We help FSIs in their transition into the digitisation of the banking world and provide modern fintech solutions including our proprietary trading platform As-Sidq.

We invest and deploy energy-saving technologies (ESD) with larger corporations in the financial, telco, and healthcare industries via Energy Performance Contracts (EPC).

Within the Renewable Energy sector, we offer micro hydropower solutions from 15-150kW for plantations, rural development, CSR as well as investment (FIT).

Our Gateway has been deployed in over 7,00 commercial buildings and connects the building's fire systems with Bomba via the SPKA.

Our asap Smart Fire Alarm is a wireless smoke alarm that is able to call for help including your neighbours, your security guards, or Bomba. 

Our Sharing Platform  enables millions of mobile users to share airtime credit among each other.  The B2B2C Platform is used by major mobile telecommunication providers in Malaysia and Bangladesh.




and the STRENGTH of the PEOPLE is in SEDANIA.

Meet the Team Here.


Our Vision

We are innovators. We improve people’s lives in a sustainable manner.


These are the words that Sedanians live by. Every innovation that was created, every drop of sweat that was spilt and every ounce of effort that was worked on is geared towards the betterment of the lives of people around us.


Our Airtime Sharing Platform has helped millions of users to get credit, which has enabled them to call their loved ones in cases of emergencies.


The assurance that the financing that the As-Sidq end-customers received is truly Halal.


The knowledge that our Greentech platform helps to prepare greener earth for our children.


The bliss that our IOT customers  can sleep

peacefully at night for their families and property are safe from fires.


Our satisfaction comes from knowing that we have improved our customers' lives, one way or another.


That is in itself the best reward that we get from doing what we do.


SEDANIANS personify passion, pride and aspiration, and are guided by the following DNAs:



All endeavours begin with attaining Passion, harnessing positive energy towards maximizing Performance



Implementing Ingenuity in mapping out plans without compromising on quality, to ensure optimal results



Realising your areas of strength, and leveraging upon the strengths of others for execution through Collaboration, achieving Accountability in the process



Consistently ensuring a sense of urgency to be ahead of the game, while upholding Integrity and Compliance



Persevere to stay ahead to achieve the end result, while retaining a high sense of Humility  


All of the above to always be practised alongside…  



Always be confident in ourselves, Professional in our dressing and in carrying ourselves in the way we Communicate with each other while being Respectful of others and of each other.



Tel : +603 7880 2001


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