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About Us.
Making every kilogram of carbon dioxide count.

Sedania is an investor in sustainability-enabling businesses. 

Since our listing in 2015, we have invested in innovative businesses which have set their goal to help stop climate change by reducing greenhouse gases (GHG), in particular carbon dioxide (CO2).

Our 65 staff are making sure that every kilogram of carbon dioxide counts.

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What We Do.

Sustainable Energy

We help companies to become energy saving sustainable. Our one-stop service covers all your client needs from planning, financing, executing and reporting. 

Sustainable Healthcare

Our eco-friendly healthcare products for babies and children are available under the brand Offspring in over 20 countries.  

Digital Platforms

We invent, develop and operate industry leading platforms for the Banking, Telecommunications and Esports industries.

Our Journey.

SEDANIA Innovator was incorporated in Malaysia on 17 December 2013 under the Act as a private limited company under the name of SEDANIA Innovator Berhad and publicly listed on ACE (SEDANIA / 0178). 


From a humble beginning of developing and operating our proprietary Sharing Platform that allows mobile subscribers to request and transfer airtime credits to other prepaid subscribers, we have now grown into a full-fledged innovation house. 

LISTED on Bursa Malaysia (ACE)



Our Group of Companies

Under our investment holding company, our operating subsidiaries apply their core competencies to achieve the group's common goal.

Our latest acquisition was Offspring Inc Sdn Bhd, an Australian brand of eco-friendly healthcare products.

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Purpose Statement:
At Sedania we have a simple common goal:

To Reduce Carbon Emissions By Enabling Others.

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