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Press Releases (English)


21 March 2023

SEDANIA's Fintech unit recognised for excellence in innovation

6 March 2023

SEDANIA to unleash the potential of Wasiyyah Shoppe’s services

1 March 2023

SEDANIA enters lucrative Islamic mortgage market worth some RM200 billion

28 February 2023

SEDANIA chalks another milestone with second consecutive profitable year

9 December 2022

SEDANIA Fintech segment solidifies its Shariah-compliance

29 November 2022

SEDANIA sets the tone for another profitable year

14 November 2022

Offspring bags Sustainable award from Africa

10 November 2022

Offspring benefits for Maybank Cardmembers

12 October 2022

Embrace an ESG-friendly government to ensure longevity [OPINION PIECE]

11 October 2022

Offspring searches for The Baby

25 September 2022

TNB Research & SEDANIA to harness energy from excess water at Johor dam

19 September 2022

SEDANIA to digitalise Malaysia's second largest cooperative bank

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