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About Us.
Improving Lives Sustainably.

At SEDANIA, we believe in providing sustainable solutions that not only benefit the consumers, but also the environment.


Our business models operate under three main pillars; Sustainable FMCG, Sustainable Consumer Technology, and Sustainable Energy. These three pillars aim to alleviate problems for the everyday consumers, and businesses alike.


Our Sustainable FMCG focuses on health and skincare products that are naturally-made and is safe for all including babies and mothers. Packed with benefits, our Sustainable FMCG line - through the Offspring and Tanamera brands - ensures that each product is thoughtfully crafted, with distinguished benefits suitable for the entire household. In time, we wish to introduce more brands that fit under this category.


Under our Sustainability Energy pillar, our goal is to enable organisations to reduce their carbon emissions. Introducing Sustainability-As-A-Service, our solutions will enable organisations to adopt solutions that are cost effective to the business while minimising environmental impact.


Meanwhile, our Sustainable Consumer Technology provides solutions to empower financial services institutions (FSIs) through cutting-edge Islamic fintech solutions that operate under our fully-owned subsidiary, SEDANIA As Salam Capital (SASC). SASC’s mission is to facilitate seamless transitions for FSIs into the digital era while maintaining strict adherence to Shariah principles.


Our strength of over 200 staff across all units work together to provide the best for you, the consumers while minimising our negative impact towards the environment.

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What We Do.

Sustainable FMCG

Our eco-friendly healthcare products for mothers, babies and children are available under the brand Offspring & Tanamera in over 20 countries.  

Sustainable Consumer Technology

We invent, develop and operate industry leading platforms for the Banking, Telecommunications and FSIs.

Sustainable Energy

We help companies to become energy saving sustainable. Our one-stop service covers all your client needs from planning, financing, executing and reporting. 

Our Journey.

SEDANIA Innovator was incorporated in Malaysia on 17 December 2013 under the Act as a private limited company under the name of SEDANIA Innovator Berhad and publicly listed on ACE (SEDANIA / 0178). 


From a humble beginning of developing and operating our proprietary Sharing Platform that allows mobile subscribers to request and transfer airtime credits to other prepaid subscribers, we have now grown into a full-fledged innovation house. 

LISTED on Bursa Malaysia (ACE)



Our Group of Companies

Under our investment holding company, our operating subsidiaries apply their core competencies to achieve the group's common goal.

Our latest acquisition was Tanamera Group which comprises Tanamera, a premium natural and Halal-certified postnatal and personal care brand, and FA Herbs, a GMP-certified OEM manufacturer.

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We strive to lead in sustainability and provide innovative solutions across FMCG and technology sectors, offering natural products, carbon emission-reducing technologies, and Islamic fintech solutions for the survivability of human nature.

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