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The GMP certified manufacturer behind Tanamera, committed to true-to-label manufacturing, ensuring the highest standards of quality and authenticity in every product.


FA Herbs is the premier Health & Cosmetic, GMP certified manufacturer behind Tanamera, committed to true-to-label manufacturing which was established in 1996. The business started off as a cottage industry with the vision of creating a natural business concept, which was not a contemporary business idea back during its inception and has now grown to three factories located in Kuala Selangor and Ijok.


Backed by research,  FA Herbs is a GMP and ISO-certified true-to-label contract manufacturer of Halal skincare, personal care, postnatal and health supplements. Its ability to provide end-to-end customised and unique solutions for its customers enable it to capture a broad range of clientele across the hospitality, leisure, MLM, SME and corporate sectors.


By combining technology and science, through FA Herbs customers will be able to create solutions that drive growth while at the same time improving people’s lives. 

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