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Energy Audit

Energy Audits create opportunities to increase energy efficiency and thus, reduce energy consumption without negatively affecting the production/output of a business.


An Energy Audit includes identifying the systems and areas that will have the greatest impact in improving energy efficiency, energy savings, operational durability & reliability, as well as the health and safety of the occupants. 

Benefits Of Conducting 
Energy Audit


Identify Areas of Improvement

Pinpoints specific load-bearing equipment which can be replaced, upgraded or optimised to achieve energy savings.



Provides financial analysis that enables prioritization based on financial benefit and return on investment.



Provides analysis of emissions for better understanding of the benefits of decisions made from an environmental standpoint.



Develops understanding of where energy is used and which areas are worth focusing on the most.


What We Provide


Energy Audits

  • Energy Audit Level 1 (Walk-Through Audit)

  • Energy Audit Level 2

  • Energy Audit Level 3 (Investment-Grade)

  • HVAC Energy Audit

  • Improvement Design with Savings Guarantee 



  • For building employees

  • For Facility Managers 

  • Write Energy Management Policies & SOPs

  • Energy Awareness Programme

  • Learn the best practice standards



  • Energy Management Proposals

  • Government Incentive

  • Certification & Awards


Energy Monitoring System

  • Temporary Monitoring / Data Logging

  • Continuous Monitoring with Dashboard

  • Monitoring of Energy, Temperature, Humidity, Occupancy, Motion, Noise, Light

Our Free Energy Audit

We offer a free Level 1 Energy Audit (Walk-Through Audit) to get a quick evaluation of your facilities with regards to energy efficiency. This Audit focuses on your ability to achieve energy savings. The objective is to calculate your energy saving potential in kilowatt-hours and the required investment / capital expenditure to achieve those energy savings. A typical Level 1 Energy Audit includes Desktop Study and a walk-through / site visit. We will present the Audit Energy Report within 2 weeks and offer our recommended improvements.

If energy saving is your primary objective from an energy audit, then don't spend money (yet) on a Level 2 and 3 (investment grade) energy audit. Start with Sedania's Level 1 Energy Audit to find out if a more detailed study is actually worthwhile.

Your Next Step

We are keen to do a Level 1 Energy Audit for you - without any cost or commitment. Contact our Energy Managers to take your first step:

   Mr Syafiq Shaidali : or +6017-2910580 OPEN IN WHATSAPP

   Mr Vemal Charian : or +6019-2345241 OPEN IN WHATSAPP


If the outcome of our Energy Audit is overall positive - which means, your facility has a total energy saving potential of at least 10%, then we are interested is to invest in you. We invest by financing your retrofit or transformation of your buildings/facilities into high energy efficient operations, and get our return from the energy savings we achieve going forward. This is called an Energy Performance Contract (click for further info).


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