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Sustainability Highlights


At SEDANIA, sustainability is not just a buzzword, but a fundamental aspect of our business operations. Since our listing in 2015, we have invested in innovative businesses that aim to halt climate change by helping companies embrace the transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy to reduce global greenhouse gases. Understanding that sustainability efforts require a holistic approach, we have also introduced natural, sustainable products for consumers under our Sustainable FMCG pillar through our acquisition of Offspring and Tanamera.


In another aspect, we are also helping our clientele to adopt digital transformation through cutting-edge Islamic fintech solutions. This is significant in reaching environmental sustainability. We have also continuously taken significant steps to ensure that we are addressing the impacts and risks of our own business activities while maximising opportunities to create positive value for our stakeholders.


Good governance and ethical conduct form the foundation of our investment business, and we have continued to strengthen our corporate governance structure, code of conduct, and anti- corruption measures to ensure transparency, accountability, and compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards, so that we remain in good standing to support our consumers in their sustainability journey.


We are committed to reducing our environmental impact as witnessed through our Sustainable Energy and Sustainable Healthcare businesses. Our environmental stewardship efforts have centred around promoting sustainable practices and resource conservation across our business operations, and through our services.


On the Economic front, we have made significant strides in developing our competitive value proposition, delivering high-quality products and services, promoting fair and competitive local procurement, and supporting the development of local businesses.


In the realm of social responsibility, we  constantly prioritise the well-being of SEDANIA’s employees, reflected in our initiatives to promote diversity, equality, non-discrimination and inclusion. We also do our best to be a socially responsible organisation by supporting our local communities, particularly the underprivileged, having continuously apportioned investments into supporting CSR initiatives.



SEDANIA has expressed our commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (“UN SDG”)  in a bid to do our part to contribute to these global goals at the local level. We have also narrowed down our focus to the following UNSDGs, continuing to make inroads despite ongoing uncertainties in the local and global economic landscapes.

Join Hands with us to Build a Greener Future

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