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Sustainable Consumer Tech

Spearheading the digital finance revolution by equipping financial service institutions (FSIs) with innovative FinTech solutions

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SEDANIA As Salam Capital Sdn Bhd (“SASC”) is a tech provider under SEDANIA Innovator Berhad, which specialises in Islamic fintech solutions for financial services institutions (“FSI”). Founded in 2008, SASC focuses on enabling FSIs to transition seamlessly into the digital era while adhering strictly to Shariah principles.


At the core of SASC’s offerings is As-Sidq, a patented digital commodity trading platform that revolutionises Tawarruq transactions using telecommunications airtime credit as a trading commodity, ensuring secure, real-time, and Shariah-compliant brokerage services. is Malaysia’s first fully digital Islamic financial marketplace. We partner with financial institutions to offer Shariah-compliant products like personal financing and credit cards, simplifying acquisition through personalised profile checks and swift approvals. Additionally, SASC’s GoHalal Financing Program promotes financial inclusion by empowering credit agencies to serve the mass market regardless of religious beliefs. 


Moving forward, SASC aims to enhance financial inclusion by venturing into Islamic inheritance planning through SEDANIA Innovator Berhad’s acquisition of a 20% stake in Wasiyyah Shoppe Berhad, Malaysia’s leading private Shariah-compliant trustee. This acquisition has led SASC to introduce JOMHIBAH, our latest digital Shariah-compliant inheritance management solution for fellow Muslims, which addresses the issue of rising frozen assets and the economic impact it has on the community in Malaysia. 

Another strong pillar of our consumer tech business is Telcotech, the country’s first peer-to-peer sharing platform with proprietary “Airtime Sharing.” This platform has connected over 25 million users by allowing them to share mobile credits. Our Telecommunications clients have benefited from our innovative solutions, with ongoing developments planned for 2024 and beyond. Telcotech has now expanded into a suite of Credit Share Services for telecommunications companies in Malaysia.

Awards & Recognitions

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