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Colleagues at Work

Our Team of X-Men

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Our success comes from our expertise. We strive to have a diversified team of subject-matter experts with passion and hunger - our X-Men Mutants who save the world! These eclectic bunch are driven to become your best energy partners from our first marketing pitch until the project completion.


Daniel Ruppert

(Professor X)

The German Efficiency Hunter who leads the team and cuts the deals.


Ts. Vemal Charian (Wolverine)

A Senior Engineering Mutant dedicated to managing our EPC adventures


Ameer Talib

Passionate Superhuman Agent who sits in the control center and coordinates our agents


Syafiq Shaidali

Enthusiastic Solar Superhero with radiating energy to eradicate brown energy


Ariff Farhan


A Dedicated IoT/Telco Expert making sure things are always up and running smoothly


Doreenn Leong

An Avid Story-Teller putting the mighty pen to paper the stories that need to be told


Darryl De Souza (Iceman)

A Dependable Operative skilled at spinning words and crafting stories


Qayum Mustafa (Gambit)

A Creative Soul who can transform ideas into visuals with highly explosive results

Let our X-men be part of your green energy transformation journey.

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