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PODCAST: Sedania As Salam Capital and Wasiyyah Shoppe To launch Embedded Digital Estate Planning Solution in Q1

Facing a formidable challenge in estate planning, Malaysia sees frozen assets worth an estimated RM90 billion. ISFI's conversation with Wasiyyah Shoppe Berhad's Founder and CEO Tuan Haji Ariffin Sabirin, along with Khairul Nisa Ismail, CEO of Sedania As Salam Capital, unveils their collaborative approach through Hibah. They discuss their innovative digital solution 'JOMHIBAH,' launching in Q1, designed to facilitate asset distribution for Muslims in accordance with Islamic law.

This pivotal financial venture seeks to modernise the bequeathing of assets, enabling direct transfers and aligning with Islamic inheritance principles.

Tune in to the interview for an in-depth exploration of this strategic initiative below!


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