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Sedania expands footprint to Africa

KUALA LUMPUR: Sedania Innovator Bhd, via sustainable healthcare subsidiary Offspring Inc Sdn Bhd, has made further inroads into overseas markets, having received its first order to export its sustainable healthcare products to Togo and Nigeria.

Sedania said the latest milestone validated and cemented Offspring's global aspirations as it was already present in major continents such as Europe, North America and Asia.

Offspring chief executive officer Roslan Ismail said the first orders from Togo and Nigeria represented a significant step forward in its plans to firmly establish Offspring's presence in

Africa, which is the world's second largest and most populous continent.

"Togo and Nigeria will be our first two forays into Africa. The impending successful deliveries should raise our brand awareness in Africa and position Offspring strategically to capture further opportunities in the continent," he said in a statement today.

Offspring is optimistic about penetrating more African markets as it believes our products fulfill the healthcare needs of the large African populace, with Togo and Nigeria's population currently

standing at about 8.7 million and 215.1 million respectively.

"This deal is an ideal stepping stone for Offspring to eventually secure further business

opportunities in the continent, which would be supported by our plan to introduce other organic

essential products once the Offspring brand name is further entrenched in Africa," Roslan said.


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