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SEDANIA’s ESPL secures trademark registration in EU countries

SEDANIA Innovator Bhd through one of its associate companies, Esports Pty Ltd (ESPL) has successfully secured trademark registrations in EU countries.

In a statement today the company said the exercise is seen as vital in protecting registration of intellectual property in all 27 EU countries.

“The trademark registration is part of our strategic move for dominant market expansion. With this, ESPL is establishing its commercial presence in EU countries,” said Managing Director, Datuk Azrin Mohd Noor (picture).

Industry experts have predicted that esports is expected to continue growing rapidly over the next 5 years, projected to reach USD1.6 billion revenues by 2023.

According to a report from Newzoo, the esports audience will grow to over 645 million globally by 2023.

“The numbers will continue to proliferate. Our effort in obtaining the trademark registration in all EU countries is one of the key strategic steps in protecting our global brand internationally. It is important for ESPL to uniquely distinguish ourselves and at the same time safeguard the interest of our growing number of users. With this, we are confident that ESPL will continue to grow its brand presence in the right direction,” he added.

With the initiated exercise, ESPL is strengthening its position as the key player in the esports ecosystem in the region.

ESPL network has access to a global audience of over 91 million with strategic partners across 16 countries.

According to SEDANIA, their ESPL network is now serving five regions including MENA, Europe, South Asia, Latin America and Southeast Asia.


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