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SEDANIA’s Subsidary Won Sustainable Award in Africa Expo 2022

SEDANIA’s subsidiary Offspring has bagged the Excellence in Superior Quality and Sustainable Organic Baby Products – Malaysia award at the Africa Leadership Business Awards 2022 held in tandem with the Africa Expo 2022.

“This recognition accorded to Offspring is a milestone we are heartened to receive, validating our venture into Africa via Togo and Nigeria earlier this year, as well as shining an even greater light on SEDANIA and Offspring’s mission to improve lives sustainably on as large of a scale as possible,” SEDANIA’s Founder and Managing Director Datuk Azrin Mohd Noor said.

“Africa is the most populous continent today through a total population of some 1.4 billion and has the highest birth rate globally with approximately 44 million births in 2021 alone. There is still plenty of room for Offspring to grow its presence in the African region as we can undoubtedly play a vital role in helping the huge swathes of parents there meet their number one priority of child safety. The eco-friendly nature of Offspring’s products also ensures that the mass African consumer market can play an active part in reducing the carbon footprint,” he remarked.

Africa Expo 2022 is the first ever Business-to-Business (B2B) trade show dedicated to promoting bilateral trade between Africa and Asia. The expo took place from 9-11 November 2022,

The awards ceremony at the Africa Expo 2022 gives recognition to innovation, profitability, and business excellence while looking to inspire the world’s next generation of entrepreneurs.

“The networking opportunities at the Africa Expo 2022 and the added bonus of obtaining an award which recognises the strengths of our brand will undoubtedly enhance Offspring’s reputation among African countries,” Offspring’s Chief Executive Officer Mohamed Roslan Ismail added.

“We are optimistic about expanding our distribution network in Africa, with this positive development set to strongly complement our business strategy in developing markets by building on the promising inroads made in Africa earlier this year. To this end, we are now positioned more strategically to potentially secure a promising increase in new orders and hence, further diversify earnings from a geographical perspective,” he stressed.

In April 2022, Offspring made its first foray into Africa having received a maiden order to export its sustainable healthcare products to African countries Togo and Nigeria. The milestone cemented Offspring’s global aspirations further by expanding its presence to 23 countries to date, spanning major continents such as Europe, North America and Asia.


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