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Sedania secures 24 new telco sites under GreenTech

KUALA LUMPUR: SEDANIA Innovator Berhad (“SEDANIA” or the “Company”), through its subsidiary SEDANIA Technologies Sdn. Bhd., has received an additional award from a telco client to expand its GreenTech solutions from the current 10 sites to a total of 34 sites.

The additional 24 sites will be an expansion to the existing Energy Performance Contract (“EPC”) which includes all measures to reduce energy cost by improving energy efficiency (“EE”) within the client’s facilities. Furthermore, SEDANIA will also provide renewable energy (“RE”) solutions, such as rooftop solar PV where suitable, to further reduce energy cost and CO2 emission.

The project expansion was given based on SEDANIA’s successful performance on the recently completed 10 buildings, all of which are data exchange buildings, with a total energy consumption of 20 gigawatt-hours per year. Based on the completed 10 buildings, SEDANIA achieves an energy saving rate of approximately 23% which provides a total project revenue of RM24 million for SEDANIA.

“With these new sites, we can increase our project deployment by 2.4x. We are excited to double up our deployment as soon as possible. We are aiming to complete all additional 24 new sites this year if the lockdown restrictions allow.” said SEDANIA CEO Daniel Ruppert.

Besides the commercial benefits, the project also provides substantial GHG (Greenhouse Gas) reductions. Based on the 10 completed buildings alone, CO2 emissions are reduced by approximately 4,000 metric tons annually - this is equal to planting over 60,000 adult trees every year.

For the data exchange buildings, SEDANIA GreenTech solutions comprise equipment, software, and the Internet of Things (“IoT”) for real-time monitoring. The Company bundled its GreenTech solutions together with energy audit, system design, and maintenance services. “Going forward, as part of the energy audit, we will not only look inside the buildings but also on top of the buildings for suitable solar installations,” added Ruppert. “This will complete our sustainable energy services and further improve our GreenTech future earnings.”


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