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TNB And Sedania Working To Turn Excess Water From Dams and Reservoirs Into Energy

TNB Research Sdn Bhd and SEDANIA Technologies Sdn Bhd in their efforts to produce sustainable energy have formed a partnership to evaluate the potential of harnessing energy from excess water in dams and water reservoirs throughout Malaysia.

Under the partnership, Sedania will be looking at deploying energy efficiency micro-hydropower turbines developed by TNBR to generate electricity from released water at dams. Each of these micro-hydropower turbines with a capacity of 30 – 40 kilowatts can generate up to 305,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. With over 70 water dams and reservoirs located throughout Malaysia, the potential from these micro hydropower energy sources is estimated at over 40 gigawatt-hours per year, enough to provide carbon-free electricity to about 10 thousand homes.

The first project by the two partners is for a dam project in Kota Tinggi, Johor. Sedania was recently awarded by a leading multinational oil and gas company with a job to assess and propose the feasibility of deploying energy-efficient micro hydropower solutions to generate electricity from released water.

Sedania’s role covers the financial and technical aspects of the project while TNBR provides the technical expertise through the design and installation of the micro-hydropower turbines.

Malaysia has a roadmap to reduce carbon emissions and be net zero by 2050 while not relying much on fossil fuels. Industries and companies are supporting the move and working with the national utility player Tenaga to make this shift possible.


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