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CEO Newsletter - May 2021

Good morning,

Let me share some updates of our businesses in Sedania Innovator Berhad. As this year has started off to be a lot more exciting -certainly more than last year- I hope to share some of our excitement with you via this good old fashioned newsletter.

Let’s start with our GreenTech business. In March, we completed 4 data centers with Telekom Malaysia and are due to complete another 2 in May - which then completes our Phase 1 with a total of 10 data centers! Despite the many delays on this project (mainly caused by Mr Covid), we love the results and it pays off all the stress and hard work: our installed solutions now save over 5.8 million kilowatt-hours per year (a saving rate of 23% p.a.) for our client and for our planet. This equals a reduction in carbon emissions of over 4,000 metric tons - equivalent to planting almost 70,000 trees! Obviously, this also got our client excited. And we are expecting to continue our sustainable energy services with Telekom Malaysia as Phase 2 which we shall announce hopefully in due course. More fantastic GreenTech updates to be included in my next newsletter. Also on the up, is our TelcoTech business. Our Airtime Sharing Platform -which enables mobile users to share and transfer airtime credit between each other- successfully renewed all our client contracts with key Mobile Operators in Malaysia. Celcom is our client now for over 17 years! Over the last year since the outbreak of Covid-19, airtime sharing transactions increased on some days up to 20% and we have processed nearly 14 million peer-to-peer sharing transactions. Over RM50 million worth of airtime and data credit was shared among users. This trend continued into our first quarter this year. I see our contract renewals as prove that Value Added Services (VAS) are not only a vital business for our Mobile Operators as it generates significant fee income, but also it distinguishes a mobile operator from its competition. Telcos seek services which go beyond connectivity. Hence, in April we entered into a comprehensive partnership agreement with InMobiles B.V., a global provider of API-based telco services. The partnership will expand Sedania’s service offering with state-of-the-art new features like airtime credit financing, telco-based caller’ name, beepcall for reversed-charging calls, and many more. Even better, I’m happy to say that we have already secured our first big client for our joint new partner services! We will announce this news in more detail soon. I will finish with our newest vertical in our group, HealthTech. As you may have seen from our announcements, at the end of last year we acquired 51% of Offspring Inc, a health tech company focusing on early child care solutions. Since then, Offspring has finalised new distribution agreements for Finland, Cambodia, and Korea - whereby Korea already sent a nice big order! The new business is not only contributing to our bottom line (starting from January 2021 onwards) but also gives us a platform to build and market to its 100,000 international customer base new health-oriented technology solutions, such as Telemedicine or IoT-enabled childcare products.

More exciting updates in my next newsletter.

I wish you all a healthy and joyous Hari Raya! Best regards, Daniel Ruppert CEO, Sedania Innovator Berhad


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