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Sedania at Rumah Jagaan Suci Rohani

Sedanians with the children of Rumah Jagaan Suci Rohani

Petaling Jaya, 24 November - Yayasan Rosni Noor with the cooperation from Sedania Innovator Berhad, organised a gotong-royong to clean up Rumah Jagaan Suci Rohani. The home, which houses about 25 children from the ages six and below, are helping children from broken homes, orphans or underprivileged children. A team of 12 people from Sedania Innovator, which includes the group's CEO, Mr Daniel Ruppert, Executive Director Mr Noor Syafiroz bin Mohd Noor, Chief Financial Officer Mr Rizalzain Mohammed and Chief Technology Officer Mr Razam Mohammad took three hours to clean up the premises in an effort to provide the children with a more comfortable living space, as well as to improve their overall health. The team also received a contribution from EntoGenex Industries Sdn Bhd which supplied MOUSTICIDE to help prevent Aedes mosquitoes from breeding around the premises.


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